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FAQs about political sentiment
FAQs about political sentiment

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What is political sentiment?

PolicyMogul uses natural language processing to analyse the sentiment of each contribution by MPs and peers in Parliament and on Twitter. By analysing millions of contributions, we can accurately identify sentiment on any issue as well as how it has changed over time. This is one of various analytics tools powered by PolicyMogul.

Who is this tool for?
PolicyMogul's platform and tools are used by public affairs professionals, charity leaders, campaigners, parliamentarians and strategists. This is a free tool for anyone interested in understanding the political mood on the issues important to them or their organisation.

What is PolicyMogul?

PolicyMogul is the UK's most comprehensive and real-time political monitoring, influence, stakeholder mapping and analysis platform. Hundreds of organisations and parliamentarians rely on PolicyMogul to navigate politics related to their interests. Try it for free with a 14-day trial - no credit card needed.

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