In PolicyMogul, topics are used to hone in on the political developments relevant to your interests or campaigns. You'll be able to create separate email alerts for each of your topics.

For example, if you want to monitor the policy landscape for all political developments related to mental health in young people, you would add keywords associated with mental health into the 'Any of these keywords' section, and keywords related to young people in the 'And also any of these keywords' section:

Examples of topics you may want to create:

  • Mentions of your organisation (including name variations or abbreviations)

  • Mentions of campaigns you're involved with, or related issues

  • General interests of your organisation

  • Interests of a particular client (if you're a consultant or agency)

Example use case: Retail

To monitor the entire policy landscape and ensure you don't miss anything, while still avoiding information overload, a retailer would typically set up multiple topics, such as:

Topic 1:

Mentions of the retailer's name, parent organisation, etc. with immediate alerts

Topic 2:

Mentions of core interests such as 'retail', 'supermarkets', as well as mentions of competitors, with a daily digest alert

Topic 3:

Mentions of peripheral interests such as 'packaging', 'plastic waste', 'minimum wage', etc. with a weekly digest alert

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