There are no limits to how many colleagues you can invite to join your team on the Pro or Mogul plans. The Free plan is limited to one user.

To invite your team, simply go to Settings > My team > Invite colleagues. You can invite up to three colleagues at a time.


There are three types of PolicyMogul user: Owner, admin and team member.

  • Owners have admin rights, and can also make changes to your account's subscription

  • Admins can edit and delete keyword categories that were created by other users. They can also manage the roles of other users

  • Team members can create keyword categories and email alerts, but cannot make changes to a PolicyMogul account that will affect other users' settings

User management

Owners and admins can add, delete and manage users in Settings > My team.

To add a user, navigate to Settings > My team, then select "Invite colleagues". Enter the invitees' email addresses, select user types, and click "Send invites". This will send invitation emails to the new users.

To request a change of account owner, please contact PolicyMogul support at

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